Good News Email – August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017


Special GLC Edition
Good News Email

Dear Friend,
Greetings from Los Angeles! It has now been two weeks since the historic Sunday Worship Service of the 2017 Global Leadership Conference (GLC) – VICTORIOUS! Highlights included the memorable Kingdom Appointments of Dean Lam now of Hong Kong, and Aaron & Sharmayne Viscichini of New York City; a moving Communion by John & Anna Malnegro – the Cebu Mission Team Leaders; and a stirring Contribution by Chi Leong – the Hong Kong Mission Team Leader! Following came the extraordinary Fifth Commencement Of The International College Of Christian Ministries where 93 degrees were conferred! Then Tim Kernan preached the inspirational, closeout message – THE HARVEST OF THE EARTH IS RIPE! Ensuing was the exhilarating Send-Off of the Cebu, Guam, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and the Twelfth (and last) Crown of Thorns Mission Team – Hong Kong!

The gallant Cebu Mission Team!
The heroic Guam Mission Team!
The vibrant Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Mission Team!

The fantastic and final Crown of Thorns
Mission Team – Hong Kong!

During the service, we witnessed four restorations, four baptisms and six place memberships – three of which were Blady, Cielo and their son Bryce Perez who formed the Phnom Penh (Cambodia) Remnant Group! And to close the service, the 1,300 in attendance gathered arm-in-arm and sang The International Version Of The Glory Song giving God all the glory for the week-long, fantastic GLC festivities!

DAY ONE – Sunday, July 30th
For the World Sector Leaders, the 2017 Global Leadership Conference “officially began” at the IGNITE Teen Sunday Service held at the I’M Hotel in Makati – a key city of Metro Manila!

Metro Manila and the surrounding
provinces have a population of
30.7 million – making it the
fourth largest city in
the world!

The majority of the IGNITE Program was held the previous week in a rustic retreat site about three hours outside of Metro Manila.

On the IGNITE Day of MERCY, the IGNITE Leaders
and Teens traveled to Caloocan City to
serve the poor and needy!

The IGNITE Teen Sunday was the grand finale as the entire service was conducted by the IGNITE Teens! Ricky & Coleen Challinor of LA – the Directors of IGNITE – selected 32 baptized teen disciples from around the world to participate in this Leadership Training Program!

The 2017 IGNITE Leaders and Teens!

Of special note, eight of these teens came from the churches in Metro Manila and Cebu! Also selected by the Challinors were eight gifted Interns to help oversee the teens: Frida Avila, Joey Gregory, Krystal Legarda, Alfredo Lopez, Karen Maciel, Sean O’Connor, Rosas Sobrino and Carlos Robielos – who will leave LA in January to return to his homeland of the Philippines! (Here is the 2017 IGNITE Video which documents the IGNITE Program:

At the IGNITE Teen Sunday Service, Miggie of Manila
and Shefali of Chennai gave a rousing Welcome!

Little Mina Challinor is enjoying the IGNITE Sunday
Service in the arms of Grandma Therese!

Jazmine of Phoenix and Myles of LA give a
heart-wrenching Communion!

For Contribution, Chris of London and Bella of New
York City inspired all to give more!


Luke of LA (left), King of Manila and Dylan of LA
delivered incredible sermons!

Jordan of New York City and Cameryn of LA closed
out the life-changing IGNITE Teen Service!

At the conclusion of the IGNITE Teen Sunday Service, the World Sector Leaders boarded a bus to another retreat site outside of Metro Manila in an area called Batangas!

The World Sector Leaders (WSL’s) were sooooo
inspired by the IGNITE Teen Service!

After a three-hour bus ride, we were able to enjoy a relaxed dinner on the beach which began with Communion! For the Communion, we collectively reaffirmed our 2017 Winter Workshop vow to God, “We are family… to do the impossible!” To conclude the evening, good news was shared by several of the World Sector Leaders!

The WSL’s shared Communion on the beach…

Followed by a delicious Filipino meal!

Elena Sirotkina shared about the miracles in
the Teen Ministry in Moscow as both of her
daughters are baptized disciples!

Kip & Elena – as did all the WSL’s – marveled at the
amazing accounts from around the globe in
this the “Year of the Impossible!”

DAY TWO – Monday, July 31st
In the morning, many of us woke up early to see the gorgeous sunrise during our Quiet Times! Then we gathered at 9:30AM for a spirited time of singing and to hear Joe Willis of Sydney speak on HIDDEN MANNA from Revelation 2:12-17! In this challenging text, Jesus confronted the church at Pergamum with compromising their convictions and their lives!

Michael Williamson of London put smiles on the
WSL’s faces with his enthusiastic
song leading!

Joe Willis – the Lead Evangelist of Sydney – did not
hold back on challenging the WSL’s not to
compromise their Biblical convictions!

Following were the Men and Women D-groups where each of us confessed our sins and shortcomings in compromising with Satan! The remainder of the day was spent in fellowship!

Closer than “blood brothers” – Michael
Williamson and Tim Kernan!

DAY THREE – Tuesday, August 1st
After a morning of more great fellowship, the World Sector Leaders took off at 11:00AM to return to the site of the 2017 GLC – the Makati Shangri-La Hotel – where we arrived a little after 2:00PM! Though I was looking forward to all the different momentous occasions scheduled during the GLC, the one aspect that I was most anticipating was setting up the Prayer War Room!

At this year’s GLC, the goal of the Prayer War
Room was to call the SoldOut Movement
to become Prayer Warriors!

Though 2017 was more than fulfilling its theme as the “Year of the Impossible,” I sensed in mid-June ever-increasing attacks on God’s Movement by Satan and his demons! It was at this time that Elena bought the movie War Room for us to watch. I was inspired to set up a Prayer War Room by this movie and Revelation 12:7, 17, “And there was war in Heaven… But the great dragon [Satan] was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him… Then the dragon was enraged… and went off to make war against… those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” This Scripture clearly teaches that Satan is at war with every disciple! The Prayer War Room opened at 5:00PM on Tuesday and was designed to have at least one disciple praying on their knees every hour day and night for the remaining six days of the GLC! As well, “sticky notes” (post-its) and pens were provided so that each disciple could write down their prayer requests and place them on the walls for those that would follow them!

Day #1: Tuesday, August 1st at 5PM, Karen Maciel
opened the Prayer War Room! Kip and Matt
Lovacheff seized the first hour to battle
Satan! They placed on the wall the
first 13 prayer requests
with post-its!

Like Elijah, several prayed over the next few days
for no rain especially on Saturday for the
MERCY Day! Miraculously – particularly
for Manila – there was no rain
for the entire GLC!

Day #3: Rebecca Rico Gray of London wrote and
added to the many prayer requests
already posted on the walls!

Day #6: Sunday morning of the GLC, the walls AND
table in the Prayer War Room were covered
with prayer requests!

That evening was the always exciting Crown of Thorns Council Session! Added to the 34 couples and two single sisters that comprise this Council which oversees the SoldOut Movement’s Missions Plans, were RD & April Baker of Dubai! Raul Moreno of São Paulo did a terrific job calling all of us to focus more on Jesus as THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA!

At the Crown of Thorns Council (COTC), Raul
Moreno – the World Sector Leader for Central
and South America – preached a fiery
sermon on THE ALPHA AND

To conclude the evening, Tim Kernan and Michael Kirchner addressed Finances and Administration!

Kolbe & Rebecca Gray were married in
London by Kip just a week before
the GLC! As the Right-hand
Couple in London, they
were invited to visit
the COTC!

From Sunday through Wednesday, the Metro Manila Disciples met most of the “international delegates” at the airport singing We Love You With The Love Of The Lord! To a person, we were all called higher by the love of the Filipino Disciples! In their love, they showed us around the city as well as introducing us to “Filipino delicacies” such as Pork Sisig, Cassava Cake, Ube Ice Cream and Balut! 

Pork Sisig is made from a pig’s snout, cheeks,
liver and ears! This is Carlos Robielos’
favorite Filipino Dish!

Cassava Cake!

Ube Ice Cream!

Mike Underhill preparing to eat his first
Balut – an 18 day old duck embryo!

First Mike made a small hole in the egg shell and
sprinkled salt into the hole. Then he drank
the delicious “egg broth!”

Finally, Mike enjoyed “the good stuff!”

DAY FOUR – Wednesday, August 2nd
Wednesday morning was the Church Builders Workshop where several of the 780 “international delegates” and the 240 “Filipino delegates” first came together! Subsequently, the singing was “off the charts!”

The singing at the Church Builders Workshop
(CBW) was “off the charts!”

After a warm Welcome by Andrew & Patrique Smellie of Lagos and a powerful Opening Prayer by Raja Rajan of Chennai, we witnessed three awesome Kingdom Appointments: Jenna Loheed of Sydney and OJ & Jalisa Nduka of Houston!

Kerry Willis appointed as a Women’s Ministry Leader
her dear daughter in the faith – Jenna Loheed!

Then Elena & I were privileged to share Good News From Around The World! Especially thrilling to report were the recently planted churches of 2017 in Kona (Hawaii), Monterrey (Mexico), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Birmingham (England), and Kiev (Ukraine)!

Kip & Elena encouraged everyone at the CBW
by sharing Good News From
Around The World!

We also reported about the 77 baptisms in the first year of the Lagos Church; the sending out from the London Church of the Paris Supplemental Mission Team led by Anthony & Cassidy Olmos; Samsher & Naseem Singh – former ICOC Kathmandu (Nepal) Church Leaders – joining God’s New Movement in Chennai; and that the Dubai Church of 13 disciples in January was blessed by God in the first 28 weeks of the year to have 23 additions – 21 baptisms, 1 restoration and 1 place membership!

Raja & Debs Rajan of Chennai welcomed Samsher &
Naseem Singh – former ICOC Kathmandu Church
Leaders – into God’s New Movement!

Elena & I concluded the good news by sharing about the 10th Anniversary of the City of Angels Church which was celebrated in May of this year! We reminded the brothers and sisters that in just 10 years’ time God had multiplied the 42 sold-out disciples from Portland who planted the City of Angels Church into over 5,500 disciples, in 84 churches, in 33 nations on all six populated continents of the world! Truly this is not a movement of men, but the very Movement of God!

So far in OPERATION EAGLE, the SoldOut Movement
has plantings in 16 of the 50 States in America!
We also have three States with
remnant groups (purple)!

Since all of the speeches and classes were based on the Book of Revelation, Luke Speckman of New York City for the Church Builders Workshop was given the apt title, THE SEVEN CHURCHES! For time’s sake, Luke presented three of the seven churches. He simply said to the church leaders, “Your church is in one of three conditions: good, mediocre or bad!” Interestingly, for the good church, Luke used Ephesus; for the mediocre church he chose Thyatira; and for the bad church he selected Sardis! In dealing with the bad church, Luke shared that in New York City, he had developed the “Zacchaeus Project” where he or his wife Brandyn personally visited all of the singles and campus households. Luke shared this was extremely revealing and very helpful in turning around the New York City Church!

As the main speaker for the CBW, Luke received an
honorary “Bulo” – a Filipino Sword!

The Church Builders Workshop then broke into three tracks: Victorious On Campus emceed by Raul & Lynda Moreno, Victorious In The Church emceed by Matt & Helen Sullivan, and Victorious To The Nations emceed by Elena & me! The main speeches in both Track One and Track Two were entitled HOLY, HOLY, HOLY delivered respectively by Richie McDonnell of Washington DC and Luke Speckman!

Parthiban Angamuthu – the Chennai Campus Minister –
participated in the Victorious On Campus Track
and spoke on Bowls Full Of Incense!

I was privileged to address Track Three on WRITING CHANGES THE WORLD!

challenged all church leaders to have weekly
bulletins and to complete their
ICCM Master’s Degree!

In the CBW Track Three, Carlos & Lucy Mejia of
Mexico City shared about SoldOut Press
International and the publishing of
Tim’s and Elena’s books!

In the afternoon, Michael & Sharon Kirchner hosted the Administration World Congress. Michael delivered the main speech, DOES MY WILL TO THE END! Giving short charges on this vital program were Ryan Keenan of LA, Lindsay Hoagland of LA, Yelena Astanin of LA, Nick Economo of LA, Maika Carbonell of Manila, Sharon Kirchner of LA, and addressing The Role Of An Evangelist In Administration was Jason Dimitry of San Francisco!

Michael Kirchner has a great passion for righteous
administration in each and every church!

At 4:30PM, we signed 186 diplomas… We had two diplomas made for each graduate so that if one of us “blew it,” the graduate would still have an awesome diploma!

The ICCM Diploma Signers: Kip – Chancellor of
ICCM-Global, Elena – Vice Chancellor of
Women, Michael – Chairman of the
Board of Regents, and Tim – Vice
Chancellor of Operations!
The privilege of wearing the ICCM Crest – as seen on
Kip’s and Tim’s blazers – is given to all ICCM
Valedictorians and those that hold
ICCM Doctorate Degrees!

That evening from 6:00PM to 9:00PM was the ICCM Faculty And Board Reception! Amazingly, we had almost 70 in attendance as we now have ICCM’s in Boston, Lagos, Los Angeles, Manila, Portland, São Paulo, Toronto, and Washington DC!

All of the students in the newly founded ICCM-Lagos
were given red ICCM caps with Lagos
embroidered on the back!

Richie McDonnell and Coltin Rohn of LA shared about what they learned in earning the Master’s Degree, and very similarly, Raul Moreno shared what God taught him in attaining the Doctorate Degree!

The ICCM Presidents with Kip – Chancellor
of ICCM-Global!

The ICCM Deans of Women and Rebecca Gray,
Provost of Academics, with Elena – Vice
Chancellor of Women for ICCM-Global!

That same evening, at 8:00PM was the International Campus Devotional (ICD) emceed by Danilo & Carol Bataglin of São Paulo! I heard from several disciples that Mike Patterson did an outstanding job on his speech, A DOOR STANDING OPEN IN HEAVEN!

Mike Patterson earned the right to speak at
the ICD because of his outstanding
efforts for the Lord on the
Boston Campuses!

Also on this day back in LA, born to Mason & Nathalie Fetelika was little “Mason Mel” – 6lbs., 8oz. and 20″ long!

Welcome to your global family
little “Mason Mel Fetelika!”

DAY FIVE – Thursday, August 3rd
Thursday morning was the FIRST GENERAL SESSION of the GLC! The Opening Video ended welcoming everyone to Manila for the first ever GLC outside of the United States! This video so excited the participants that for over a minute, there was deafening applause and shouting of praise to God! Following the Welcome was the stirring International Prayer given in 10 languages from around the world!

Kip & Elena welcomed all of the delegates to
the first GLC held outside of the United
States! Following, 10 prayed in
different languages!

Alfredo Anuch of Santiago prayed in Spanish!

Johnson Gona of Chennai prayed in Tamil!

Jurij Zykov of London is fluent in English,
Russian and German! He prayed in
German as his Kingdom Dream is
to plant the Berlin Church!

In keeping with 1 Timothy 2:8, everyone “lifted up
holy hands in prayer, without anger
and disputing!”

Immediately following this incredible time of prayer was the rousing Flag Ceremony! In all there were 33 flags representing the nations which have SoldOut Movement Churches!

When JC carried the Brazilian flag, all 16 of the
Brazilian Disciples could be heard
throughout the auditorium!

Matthew waved the beautiful flag of Ethiopia!

Jen was very honored to carry
the American flag!

The SoldOut Movement is present not only in the
33 nations represented by the flags, but
now as well in Cambodia!

Then came some very special Kingdom Appointments: Pat & Sparkle Boea of Chicago and Dave & Beth Kelly of Kona!

Cory Blackwell of Chicago appointed Pat Boea Jr. as
an Evangelist in the Kingdom of God!
Pat is self-supported!

After a short break, we were treated by the Filipino Disciples to one of the most remarkable Cultural Dance Performances that I have ever seen!

The breath-taking Filipino Cultural Dances were
from all different regions of the Philippines!

Following this was the speech that overviewed the Book of Revelation entitled, APOKALYPSIS! “Apokalypsis” is the Greek word for “revelation” in Revelation 1:1 and means “to disclose things that would not otherwise be known.” So in this great book, Jesus disclosed to the “seven churches of Asia” – a message for all churches of all time – issues and promises unrevealed up to the writing of this book in 95AD. The setting for this great book was during the great persecution of the church in the Roman Empire under the reign of Emperor Domitian!  

Through Livestream, the 2017 GLC was
broadcasted into over 500 cities
in 61 nations!

Then to close out the FIRST GENERAL SESSION, Andrew Smellie of Lagos led the GLC Participants in the song There Is A Joy, while his wife Patrique led the enthusiastic conga line around the auditorium!

Now a fun custom at the GLC is Andrew Smellie
leading the song, There Is A Joy!

Without being prompted, a conga line formed
that went around the entire ballroom!

In the afternoon, there were two more Specialty Workshops: CyberCon emceed by Ron Harding of LA and the MERCYworldwide Summit overseen by the Directors of MERCY – Nick & Denise Bordieri also of Los Angeles!

Nick & Denise Bordieri are the compassionate World
Sector Leaders for MERCYworldwide!

In the evening were the Men’s and Women’s Programs! At the electrifying Men’s Program, Aaron Turner was appointed an Evangelist and Cory Blackwell gave an incredible message entitled KING OF KINGS!

Aaron Turner – soon to be of LA – was appointed an
Evangelist by Jason Dimitry! Since Sarah is
pregnant and could not attend the GLC,
Aaron’s wife Sheila will be appointed
this coming Sunday in
San Francisco!

The powerful GLC Men’s Program!

In the sermon KING OF KINGS, Cory Blackwell
shared his favorite quote, “Love God! Love
people!” to explain why the Chicago
Church has grown from 111 to
185 in one year’s time!

Then came very insightful and challenging CHARGES FROM THE BOOK OF REVELATION: Those Under The Altar by Raja Rajan, The 144,000 Sealed by Kolbe Gray of London, The Praying Saints by Chi Leong, Two Witnesses by Tyler Sears of Dallas, The 24 Elders by Argo Arneson of Kiev, The Woman And The Dragon by Andrew Smellie, The Beast Out Of The Sea by Oleg Sirotkin of Moscow, The Prostitute On The Beast by Ricky Challinor, The False Prophet by Anthony Olmos, and The Bride Of The Lamb by Coltin Rohn!

Raja Rajan solemnly preached from
Revelation 6 on Those
Under The Altar!

Tyler Sears of Dallas preached from
Revelation 11 on Two Witnesses!

Argo Arneson of Kiev called the brothers to imitate
The 24 Elders in Revelation 4!

Anthony Olmos of Paris preached against
The False Prophet of Revelation 13!

The Women’s Program had the same speech titles as the Men’s; Lianne Kernan delivered KING OF KINGS!

Debs Rajan brought the sisters to the throne of God
in the Opening Prayer for the Women’s Program!

All of the sisters especially look forward to the
exciting Women’s Program of the GLC!


Lianne Kernan shared from her heart
about the KING OF KINGS!

Then short charges were passionately preached by Patrique Smellie, Helen Sullivan of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Therese Untalan of LA, Lucy Mejia of Mexico City, Kerry Willis of Sydney, Lynda Moreno, Julie Clark of San Francisco, Rebecca Rico Gray, and Michele Williamson of London!

The very gifted Women Speakers for the
GLC Women’s Program!

Patrique Smellie addressed the sisters
on Those Under The Altar!

Two Witnesses was the theme of
Lucy Mejia’s dynamic lesson!

Lynda Moreno preached from Revelation 12
about The Woman And The Dragon!

Michele Williamson closed out the evening
speaking on The Bride Of The Lamb!

DAY SIX – Friday, August 4th
Friday morning were the WORLD SECTOR FORUMS: Eastern USA And South Asia, Western USA And Canada, Central And South America, Europe And Russian Commonwealth, Austral-Asia And The Pacific Rim, Africa And The French-Speaking Caribbean, and Midwest USA And Middle East!

Jason Dimitry of San Francisco delivered a stirring
message for the Western USA and Canada Forum
entitled, Sounding The Trumpets!

This year in each of the World Sector Forums, we highlighted six chapters from Tim Kernan’s new book 20/20 – 20 Leadership Convictions For The Whole Church In 20 Days! For example, in the Eastern USA And South Asia Forum, Jay Shelbrack of New York City spoke on The Twelve Pearl Gates: Focus On The Few; Richie McDonnell preached, Yet I Hold This Against You: Sort Out The “Shenanigans”; Brandyn Speckman shared on Dressed In Fine Linen: Add Excellence; Sharmayne Viscichini gave her heart on The Kings Of The Earth: Fight From The Hills; Aaron Viscichini preached Blow The Trumpet To All Nations: Fry The Airwaves; and Antony Christopher of Bangalore inspired the disciples with You Have Persevered: Love The Battle!

Evan & Kelly served as the Emcees of the Western
USA and Canada World Sector Forum!

Amanda Miller of Denver shared about Add
Excellence from Tim Kernan’s
book – 20/20!

Matt Sullivan now of Miami preached about
OPERATION EAGLE for his World Sector –
the Eastern USA and South Asia!

Pat Boea Sr. – a Shepherd in the Chicago Church –
preached on Sort Out The “Shenanigans” in
the Midwest USA and Middle East
World Sector Forum!
Christy Antony of Bangalore shared his heart in
the lesson, Love The Battle, and his wife
Maria spoke earlier on Bowls
Full Of Incense!

In each of the World Sector Forums was a strong admonition for unity among the different World Sectors by calling “Nationals” to return – after their schooling – to their home country!

RD Baker of Dubai pleaded with the crowd to
give up everything and come join April &
him in the Middle East!

Also highlighted were the countries and the States in America where we have yet to plant a SoldOut Movement Church!

Congratulations to Sean & Krystal as they were
engaged at the G-70 Western USA and
Canada World Sector Luncheon!

Following World Sector D-Group Luncheons were several more Specialty Workshops: The AMS Global Conference led by John & Emma Causey of LA, The Shepherds Forum overseen by Tony & Therese Untalan, Second Language Ministries emceed by Jared & Rachel McGee of LA, Song Leaders Training Workshop led by LuJack & Cathi Martinez of LA, Teen Ministry Seminar directed by Ricky & Coleen Challinor, and The Chemical Recovery Conference ran by Matthew & Marlo Lovacheff!

Nick & Jacque Economo of LA spoke at the
Shepherds Forum on the vital subject,
Friends For The Ministry Leader!

Not only did Matthew & Marlo Lovacheff oversee The
Chemical Recovery Conference, but during their
stay in Manila, they trained more CR Leaders!

That evening, the SECOND GENERAL SESSION was the much anticipated Kingdom Banquet! To add to the excitement, many – including the marrieds – had “Kingdom Dates!”

Friday night’s Kingdom Banquet!

The Kingdom Banquet was a time to celebrate the
different cultures of the Kingdom! Patrique wore
a gorgeous African dress and Elena was
dressed in a stunning Filipina outfit!

John & Nancy Viscichini and their oldest son Cole
traveled all the way from Arizona to witness their
son Aaron (center) and their daughter-in-law
Sharmayne of NYC fulfill their Kingdom
Dream to be appointed Evangelist
and Women’s Ministry Leader!

After a delicious meal, we celebrated three Kingdom Appointments: Kolbe Gray, Ariel Hazelton and April Baker!

Kolbe’s young bride Rebecca applauds his
appointment by Michael Williamson to
be an Evangelist in God’s Movement!

Ariel (right) and Patrique made their dresses out of
the same piece of cloth as in Africa this is
a show of unity, love and support!

In this the Year of the Impossible, April Baker over-
came a heart attack and a subsequent cardiac
arrest for four minutes in the month of April;
she returned to the mission field of Dubai
in July; and was appointed a Women’s
Ministry Leader by Jee Blackwell
at the GLC in August!

As well, one of the great highpoints of the entire GLC were the Kingdom Reinstatements of John & Emma Causey!

Elena cheerfully reinstated Emma Causey of LA
as a Women’s Ministry Leader!

In turn, Kip reinstated John Causey noting
that “second is best because God
rewards the quest!”

John addressed the Kingdom Banquet thankful
just to be disciple of Jesus!

Then for our spiritual nourishment, Andrew Smellie delivered the finest Kingdom Banquet speech that I have been privileged to hear entitled, THE NEW JERUSALEM! I will never forget his quote, “Just like tonight, Heaven is not going to be boring!” Afterward, the disciples were so inspired that the fellowship lasted long into the night!

Andrew Smellie delivered his best sermon
to date at the Kingdom Banquet –

DAY SEVEN – Saturday, August 5th
Early on Saturday morning at 7:00AM, all of the GLC international delegates – wearing green MERCY t-shirts – gathered in the Shangri-La Hotel Ballroom for a rally to get ready to go to Mandaluyong City – one of the many cities that make up Metro Manila! (Because the Filipino delegates live all over Metro Manila, they arrived at the MERCY site around 9:00AM.)

At the MERCY Rally, standing alongside Elena,
Carlos Robielos prayed fire into the hearts
of all of the MERCY Ambassadors!
Araceli (center) – Karen Maciel’s mom – traveled from
LA to witness her beloved daughter Karen receive
her ICCM Bachelors Degree of Ministry and
to participate in the life-changing
MERCY Event!

After the conclusion of the exciting MERCY Rally at 8:00AM, the GLC international delegates boarded 60 jeepneys – small local buses! With a very formidable police escort, it took about an hour to travel from our hotel in Makati to Welfareville!

The GLC’s 780 international delegates crammed
into 60 jeepneys – each with a Filipino
Disciple Supervisor!

The Filipino Authorities – who were concerned about
a terrorist attack on an “International Christian
Group” – insisted on a police escort by
both the Makati and Mandaluyong
Police Forces!

Alex & Sophia – the Moscow Teen Leaders –
“brushed up” on their Tagalog to better
communicate with the Filipino school
children who were chosen for
the MERCY Event!

The actual site of the MERCY Event was in a very poor section of Mandaluyong called Welfareville at the Jose Fabella Memorial School! Interestingly, the city motto for Mandaluyong – also called Tiger City – is in Tagalog “Gawa Hindi Salita” – “Act Not Talk!” This is exactly what we did! From 7:00AM to 9:00AM a group of Filipino and disciple doctors, dentists and nurses examined the 300 children of “squatters” that were asked to participate in the MERCY Event! (A “squatter” is an individual that moves from the province to the city to better his family’s life and simply finds a small area – 10 feet by 10 feet – and builds a tin, plywood or sometimes cardboard home. Most individuals in Welfareville make a salary of $2-3 per day.)

From 7:00AM to 9:00AM, Filipino and Disciple
Doctors, Dentists and Nurses examined
each of the 300 school children!

MERCY provided this incredible opportunity for
the children that many in first world
countries take for granted!

Upon arriving near the Jose Fabella Memorial School, the streets were lined with thousands of cheering local residents and school children as the community was so excited that a “Christian Group” made up of members of nations across the world were coming to serve them!


Thousands lined the streets of Mandaluyong
to welcome the MERCY Ambassadors!

The MERCY Ambassadors were equally excited
to greet the many Filipino onlookers!

The Mayor of the Mandaluyong City – the Honorable
Carmelita “Menchie” Abalos (left) – greeted the
MERCY Ambassadors before they
entered the school!

The Filipino school children were given flags by
Mandaluyong City to wave at the MERCY
Ambassadors! Adam Zepeda of São
Paulo was “blown away” by seeing
Brazilian flags in the Philippines!

In entering the school, hundreds more lined our path into the newly built auditorium which had a roof, but no side walls.

At the entrance of the school to greet all the MERCY
Ambassadors, smiling young women held
up beautiful flower wreaths traditionally
seen at the Flores De Mayo Festival
celebrated in the Philippines!

Here the 300 students sat in their desk and almost 1,000 MERCY Ambassadors paid individual attention to them!

With the 240 Filipino GLC delegates joining the
international delegates, about 1,000 MERCY
Ambassadors crowded into the
open air school auditorium!

Shay Sears of Dallas!

Preston Inkley of LA!

Vaitsa Haratsaris of São Paulo!

Amadou Sountoura of Abidjan!

Elena of LA!
Cassidi Chloupek of Orlando and all of the
MERCY Ambassadors showered each
individual child with attention
and love!

To begin the MERCY Event Program, selected children sang songs to us as a choir!

The Jose Fabella Memorial School Choir!

Following, the Honorable Carmelita “Menchie” Abalos – the first woman Mayor of Mandaluyong City – was presented with the crystal Global Ambassador Award! Then, Mayor Abalos gave a short speech of appreciation for MERCYworldwide and for the International Christian Churches! Upon concluding her remarks, she graciously presented Nick & Denise Bordieri and Elena & me with a key to Mandaluyong City!

Mayor “Menchie” Abalos was presented with the
crystal Global Ambassador Award!

The Mayor graciously gave the Bordieris and the
McKeans the key to Mandaluyong City!

Then disciples performed songs and martial arts skits that entertained the children as well as involving the children in playing fun games!

Professional dancers – Ernest & Shannon Baker
of New York City – dazzled the children
with their dance moves!

Lauren Ona of San Francisco!

The RTU Campus Ministry – Warrior Nation –
performed incredible martial arts skits!

Anna Aviles of Dubai!

Dustin Miller of Denver!

In “MERCY Musical Chairs,” a MERCY Ambassador
was paired with a school child and together
they had to find an open chair!

After all of the excitement, the kids became “really excited” as the Jollibee Mascot showed up with more than enough food for all of them! This was provided by MERCY! (Jollibee is perhaps best equated to being the “McDonalds” of the Philippines, and in fact, is a lot more popular than McDonalds in the Philippines!)

The dancing Jollibee Mascot!

Victor Pulido of Sacramento discovered that
“nothing is better than Jollibee!”

Disciples of all ages had fun with the children!

Lance Underhill and ICC Hot News
covered the entire GLC!

Then the children received more food to take home to their families as well as “MERCY backpacks” with school supplies – given to them through the sacrifice of the Sydney Disciples!

AJ Castillo (above) along with Ronnie Gonzalez
and Hendry Mora – all Manila Disciples –
coordinated the entire MERCY Event!

By 1:30PM, the children and all of us were thoroughly exhausted! Taking jeepneys once again, we arrived back at the hotel around 2:30PM! At 4:00PM was the ICCM Commencement Rehearsal! Then at 7:30PM to 10:30PM were the Talent Show and Pure Dance! Again, the fellowship lasted late into the night!

DAY EIGHT – Sunday, August 6th
Even before the very first song of the Sunday Worship Service – which was the THIRD GENERAL SESSION – there was an unbelievable buzz in the fellowship as they awaited the opening of the ballroom doors! Then the singing began! In a word… Wow! Also, Tony Martin composed the music and wrote very meaningful words to a song simply entitled, Victorious! This song was led by LuJack Martinez!

Tony Martin composed and performed the theme
song for the GLC – VICTORIOUS!

To open this last session were four restorations and six place memberships! So exciting was that Marc & Normie Carag – who were once ICOC Leaders – started a house church a few years ago in Paranaque, another city in Metro Manila! With their coming into the Movement, in effect, their house church will become the new South Region of the Metro Manila International Christian Church!

1,300 attended the GLC Sunday Worship Service!

Marc & Normie – the Paranaque House Church
Leaders – placed membership in the New
Movement, thus forming the South
Region of the Metro Manila ICC!

The Carags’ three children – James, Julian and
Kryzzel – were all restored after their
parents placed membership!
Also placing membership were Blady & Cielo Perez of Phnom Penh, Cambodia – who up to that moment were paid by the ICOC! As is our custom, if someone is presently full-time in the ICOC and hears the Spirit’s call into God’s New Movement, we will offer them a full-time position in the International Christian Churches! So with Blady, Cielo and their son Bryce placing membership, instantly created was the Phnom Penh ICC Remnant Group!

When Blady, Cielo and their son Bryce placed
membership in the New Movement, the
Phnom Penh (Cambodia) Remnant
Group was formed!

Joy – through the efforts of Cathy Manresa – placed
membership directly from the ICOC! All of the
place memberships and restorations
received a copy of Tim’s
book – 20/20!
After these exciting introductions, we witnessed three Kingdom Appointments: Dean Lam and Aaron & Sharmayne Viscichini!

Joe Willis appointed Dean “The Machine” Lam as
an Evangelist! He will assist Chi in leading
the Hong Kong Mission Team!
Following Communion by John & Anna Malnegro and the Contribution by Chi Leong, the San Francisco Band backed up Lauren Ona as she beautifully sang Andra Day’s song Rise!

John & Anna Malnegro – the Cebu Mission Team
Leaders – gave a heartfelt Communion!

Chi Leong – the Lead Evangelist of Hong Kong –
inspired the crowd to be even more generous
in our future Missions Contributions!

Lauren Ona beautifully sang Rise!
After a brief break, Michael Kirchner – the ICCM’s Chairman of the Board of Regents – announced to the packed house that the Fifth Commencement Of The International College Of Christian Ministries was now beginning! Immediately, Wagner’s Ride Of The Valkyries was played and the ICCM Processional began with the faculty leading the way and all of the 2017 graduates following with huge smiles! Many in the crowd stood and cheered the graduates on!

The ICCM-Global Faculty led the Commencement
Processional while Ride Of The Valkyries
was played!

LuJack Martinez and Helen Sullivan serve
on the ICCM Board of Regents!

OJ & Jalisa Nduka of Houston were appointed
Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader and
so received their ICCM Bachelor
of Ministry Degrees!

Heidi Santa Cruz received the BA of
Ministry and Administration!

Congratulations to the 2017 ICCM BA Degree Class!
Amazingly, since 2012, the ICCM has been accredited by the State of California to award degrees according to the SoldOut Movement’s doctrinal convictions! This year 90 received BA Degrees, two were awarded Master’s Degrees, and Raul Moreno received the prestigious ICCM Doctorate Degree – of which only four others have received! To open the Commencement, I introduced our ICCM-Global Staff and gave a brief charge on Scrolls and Parchments. (2 Timothy 4:13)

Kip spoke on Paul’s request for Scrolls And
Parchments in 2 Timothy 4:13!
Then Dr. Tim Kernan – Vice Chancellor of Operations – delivered a brief synopsis of The European Degree System! Following, Dr. Elena McKean – Vice Chancellor of Women for ICCM-Global – addressed the crowd on The Role Of Women In Jesus’ Ministry And The ICCM!

Dr. Tim Kernan delivered a brief synopsis
of The European Degree System!
Then came the conferring of the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Degrees!

Sparkle Boea was appointed a Women’s Ministry
Leader by Jee Blackwell at this year’s GLC!

Rico Jones completed his BA Degree Studies and
the Spirit is taking his wife Janelle and him to
become the Honolulu Campus
Ministry Leaders!

Beth Kelly was appointed a Women’s Ministry
Leader by Keri Garrido on Thursday at the

Presently the Lead Evangelist of the Kona Church,
Dave Kelly was appointed an Evangelist
by Mark Garrido!

Ronnie Gonzalez received his BA Degree in Ministry
and Charitable Services and was a terrific
help on Saturday’s MERCY Event!
It was duly noted that this year’s Co-Valedictorians were Caleb & Lizbeth Cohen of LA who could not attend the GLC because of visa challenges!

Caleb & Lizbeth Cohen shared not only their first
kiss at their wedding on July 16th, but they were
Co-Valedictorians of the 2017 ICCM BA Class!

Since they had visa challenges, they were not able
to come to the GLC. However, Tim & Lianne
gave the Cohens the honor of leading the
City of Angels Church in their absence!
The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Degrees have four schools: Ministry (represented by the color red), Administration (blue), Charity Services (green), and Shepherding (white). Following the BA Degree presentations, Rebecca Gray spoke on The Road To The Master’s Degree. Then Richie and Coltin were hooded for their Master’s Degrees!

Richie McDonnell of Washington DC was hooded
for his ICCM Master’s Degree!

Coltin Rohn received his Master’s Degree, and will
serve as the new Dean of the Undergraduate
School for ICCM-Global!
Upon my announcement of Raul Felipe Moreno to receive his well-earned Doctorate Degree, the crowd stood on their feet and gave a thunderous applause of appreciation!

Dr. Raul Moreno’s Doctoral Dissertation was entitled,
The Battle That Even Kings Lost! Lord willing,
this book will be published by the 2018
Winter Workshop!

The Commencement ended with The Tassel Ceremony – of the graduates moving the tassels from right to left – and The Benediction from Numbers 6:24-26!  

When the tassel is moved from the right to the left,
it signifies that truth must be guided by the heart!
Following more sensational singing, Tim delivered the tremendous closing message – THE HARVEST OF THE EARTH IS RIPE!

Tim called upon the entire SoldOut Movement to
have a conviction from Scripture that now is
the time to “Harvest The Earth!’
At the conclusion of this amazing message, four were presented to the church to be baptized!

Rey & Cathy had been attending the Paranaque
House Church, but after studying the
Bible they saw Jesus’ call to be
baptized as disciples!
Afterwards came the historic Send-Off of the Cebu, Guam, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Hong Kong Mission Teams! Each mission team member received an upside down globe so they would never forget that they – like Paul and our First Century brothers and sisters – are “turning the world upside down for Jesus!” (Acts 17:6 RSV)

Upside down globes were given to every
mission team member!

Tony Untalan (above) and Nick Bordieri – the
Movement Shepherds – prayed over the
Cebu, Guam, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
and Hong Kong Mission Teams!
Then to close this almost five hour service, I introduced LuJack Martinez as the man who wrote in song the history of the Discipling Movement from 1979 to date entitled The Glory Song! The music was taken from the movie Glory and LuJack copyrighted it!

Livestream sent the history of the Discipling
Movement in LuJack’s Glory Song
around the world!
Many disciples stayed extra days just to enjoy the Philippines and even more so our gracious hosts for the 2017 GLC – the Filipino Disciples – now of Metro Manila and Cebu!
PRAYER WAR ROOM IMPACT as of Sunday, August 20th
On Monday, August 7th, the very next day after the conclusion of the GLC that now disciples were calling “God’s Thrilla in Manila,” Tim Kernan and a few other disciples were able to reach out to Senator Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao! According to Forbes, he was the second highest paid athlete in the world in 2015, as he had held eight different division Boxing World Titles!

Tim and several disciples reached out to
Senator Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao at
the Makati Shangri-La Hotel!
Also on Monday, The Philippine Star wrote an article about our MERCY Event Saturday in Welfareville!

This time we were Page 19… Next
time – Front Page News!
On Wednesday night, August 9th, Elena & I met with the Metro Manila Church. Sadly, I had to share that Kyle & Joan Bartholomew were stepping out of the ministry because of marriage issues. In apologizing to the church, Kyle & Joan were both moved to tears as the church wept for them. I also introduced at that time, their new World Sector Leaders – Tim & Lianne Kernan! The Kernans’ World Sector will be called the Pacific Rim. The “old” Pacific Rim World Sector covered the Asian Countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, but the “new” Pacific Rim World Sector will also include the Kernans’ latest charge of Canada and the Western United States, which both border the Pacific! I asked Tim & Lianne to stay on in Manila for two weeks after the GLC to get to know these amazing brothers and sisters and to strengthen the church!

Tim & Lianne Kernan daily live out the
Scriptures in Tim’s book – 20/20!
On Thursday, August 10th, AJ Castillo – who reports directly to President Duterte – escorted the Untalans, the Bordieris, the Carbonells, the Kernans, Ronnie Gonzalez, and Elena & me to possibly meet President Duterte at the Malacañan Palace! Upon arrival, we were informed that President Duterte had flown back to his home city of Davao. However, he had the number two man in the Philippine Government – Secretary Ernesto Abella – greet us! We spent a good half an hour with him sharing about MERCY, the International Christian Churches, and since he had already read about the MERCY Event in Welfareville in the paper, we talked about that the most! Of course, I invited him to church and he seemed interested! He privately shared with AJ that I would most likely have the chance to present to President Duterte the Bible that I had engraved for him when I returned to Manila this week! Please be praying for this opportunity so that like Paul, we can preach to the “Kings of the Gentiles!” (Acts 9:15)

Secretary Ernesto Abella – the number two man
in the Philippine Government – was invited by
Kip to attend the Metro Manila International
Christian Church!
On Saturday, August 12th, Blady Perez messaged me excitingly sharing that a former full-time ICOC Couple was placing membership the next day at their very first service on Sunday! Their names are JT Rasmey and Chan Mona Seng! At this momentous first service of the Phnom Penh ICC, 12 adults were in attendance! The next Sunday on August 20th, with five members, God brought 16 visitors to church!

With 21 in attendance at the second Sunday Service
of the Phnom Penh ICC, five disciples
had 16 visitors!
After preaching to the Honolulu Church on Sunday, August 13th, I received a stirring email from Blaise Feumba stating that the Holy Spirit had just initiated our eighth church in Haiti with the baptism of the former Mainline Church of Christ Preacher Elysee Alexandre! As well, the original Haitian disciple and former Church of Christ Preacher – Alexis Turgeau – is now heading to Sainte-Suzanne to form the ninth Haitian Church! Remember, Alexis contacted me on Facebook in early 2013 to join the New Movement. I challenged him to come to the GLC. This he did with very little funds. After studying with our French-speaking Evangelists most notably Blaise Feumba, Amadou Sountoura and Tim Kernan, Alexis was baptized as a disciple the day after the 2013 GLC!

In Haiti, in exactly four years, God has multiplied
one disciple – Alexis Turgeau – into
325 disciples in eight churches!
Upon returning to Haiti, like Paul going to the synagogues, Alexis has reached out to Mainline Churches of Christ. Since that time four years ago, 19 Church of Christ Preachers have been baptized as disciples and we now have 325 disciples in eight churches in Haiti!
John Malnegro – Lead Evangelist of Cebu: Greetings from sunny Metro Cebu! Today was only the second Sunday that the eight disciples on the Cebu Mission Team were in this great city! Amazingly, we had 36 in attendance! So many are studying!

John Malnegro preaching to the Metro Cebu
International Christian Church which had
an attendance of 36!
Please be praying for our Inaugural Service on Sunday, September 10th! And to God be the glory!

Pray for the September 10th Inaugural
Service in Cebu!
Mark Garrido – Overseeing Evangelist of the Hawaiian Islands and Guam: Greetings from the Guam International Christian Church! After leaving the incredible GLC on Monday, Bryson & Jazzy Okuno – the Guam Mission Team Leaders – stirred the hearts of the Remnant Group led by John & Bernie Pereda! With just 18 disciples – including Tony & Therese Untalan and Keri & me, God blessed our five day effort for the Inaugural Service with 42 in attendance! This second Sunday, God blessed the eight members of the church with 20 in attendance and the baptism of Brittany Pereda, the oldest daughter of John & Bernie!

Congratulations to our new sister – Brittany (second
from the left), who is the daughter of Bernie
(second from the right) and the
niece of Therese Untalan!

Joe Willis – Austral-China World Sector Leader: Greetings from Hong Kong! Well, I have to say that this is the most open city that I have ever evangelized and that the mission team is simply outstanding! They have total unity, complete joy and every one of them is an incredibly hard worker!

The Hong Kong Seven minutes after exiting
their plane from Manila!

From the “Hong Kong Seven” there were 14 visitors at the first Bible Talk only four days after arriving! On the first Sunday, God gave us 17 at church and 12 ongoing studies! One week later, we now have three Campus Bible Talks: the Women’s on Mondays, and co-ed ones on Wednesday and Friday at lunch time! So far every Bible Talk has had over one for one visitors! Amazingly, three of the sisters have already been offered jobs on campus! Today, this our second Sunday, God again blessed us with one for one visitors and we have 20 ongoing studies this week with a possible campus baptism next Sunday!

Chi is doing an incredible job leading the team! He is positively the hardest working man that I have ever had the privilege to disciple! The sisters under Naomi have exploded with zeal, focus and determination! Being here at the start of this church amongst such fired up missionaries is such a blessing and reminds me that when you clear your schedule of all distractions and just evangelize for hours, you really do see that “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!” (Matthew 9:37)

The Mission Team on top of Victoria Peak after
praying over the city of Hong Kong!

(Here is the ICC Hot News Video on our first few days in Hong Kong… We already have had over 10,000 views:

“The Hong Kong Seven!”
A People Of Prayer
In April at the Lagos Spring Workshop, a brother – Tony Adamu – asked to spend time with me. With great sincerity, he humbly shared Acts 2:42, “They devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” He went on to say, “As a Movement, we are known for our knowledge of the Word – ‘the Apostles’ teaching.’ We are known for our love for one another – ‘the fellowship.’ We are even known for our care of the poor and needy – MERCYworldwide. However, we are not known as a people of prayer.” I was very convicted as he handed me a six-page study on prayer! One of the Scriptures that called me higher was Ephesians 6:10-20; God’s call to be a Prayer Warrior!

Becoming Prayer Warriors is our only hope to defeat
Satan, who is “enraged… to make war against…
those who obey God’s commandments and
hold to the testimony of Jesus!”

(Revelation 12:17)
Since prayer had been on my heart from this talk, God brought me literally to my knees in mid June when I saw the gathering storm of persecution on Facebook. It was then that I vowed to God that I would pray on my knees every day for my Quiet Time for the rest of my life and that I would strive to have the SoldOut Movement known as “a people of prayer!” Interestingly, a couple days later I found myself early in the morning in an airport. And I thought that if I prayed on my knees there, then everyone would think I was a Muslim! Then it occurred to me, one of the great enemies of God – false religion – is known for prayer, yet sadly, God’s true people are not! Well I did get down on my knees… in a bathroom stall!

Let us be known as “a people of prayer” and
collectively pray for the evangelization
of the nations in this generation!
So at the GLC, God put upon my heart to call each disciple to become a zealous Prayer Warrior!  Whether we participated in the GLC or were stopped by Satan in going, let each of us “build” our own Prayer War Room! And may God honor our collective prayers to evangelize the nations in this generation! And to God be all the glory!
We are family… to do the impossible,



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