Good News Email – May 30th, 2017

May 30, 2017

Good News Email

Dear Friend,
Greetings from New York City, Moscow, Manila, Honolulu and Los Angeles! Highlights of my month-long Missionary Journey included witnessing the moving “good confession” of Ali – our sixth disciple at Columbia University, an Ivy League College in New York City! In Moscow, almost 250 disciples gathered for the Second Eurasian Missions Conference from Russia, Ukraine, England, Sweden, France, America and even one from Brazil – Vaitsa! In Manila, I was able to meet with each of the principals of the three schools attended by the children of “squatters,” where on Saturday of the 2017 Global Leadership Conference we will hold MERCY Events! In Honolulu, I was able to meet with the Church Leaders to discuss forceful advancement in our now three churches, as well as the future plans for Guam! Then upon returning home to LA, Elena & I participated in the glorious 10th Anniversary Celebration Weekend! This commenced on Friday evening with a Dinner Cruise where all of the leaders of the Tribe World Sector gathered to honor the “Original 42” that planted the City of Angels Church in May 2007! Then, two days later was the historic 10th Anniversary Sunday Worship Service, where the Toronto Supplemental Mission Team was sent out by the Holy Spirit! And to God be all the glory!

At the 10th Anniversary Dinner Cruise, “The 42” –
who planted the City of Angels Church in 2007
and who still live in LA – were recognized
with commemorative plaques! The first
baptism – Jared McGee (front) –
was also honored!

RD Baker – Lead Evangelist of Dubai: “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 1:31) I am so excited to “boast” about the miraculous things that God is doing in the Middle East through the mighty Dubai Church Family! While April continues to steadily recover from her recent health issues in Los Angeles, the disciples in Dubai are keeping the mission alive! On Friday after church, our new brother Fredrick from Cameroon was baptized! Amazingly, the Spirit has blessed the Dubai Church with 7 baptisms in the 7 weeks that April & I have been here in the USA!

John (left) and RJ (right) praise God
for Fredrick’s baptism!

The church is being nobly led by RJ Castro and Dao Henderson, who have truly taken on our hearts for building family! Excitingly, one of our incredible remnant couples – Praveen & Angel Bisht – have been officially appointed as the first Shepherding Couple-in-training for Dubai!

The Dubai ICC Leadership Team – Praveen & Angel
Bisht (left) and RJ Castro and Dao Henderson!

April & I are also grateful for Cory & Jee Blackwell’s recent 10 day visit to Dubai as they are the World Sector Leaders for the Middle East! Cory was able to preach at two Friday Worship Services! The Blackwells so greatly encouraged all of the Dubai Brothers and Sisters!

Cory & Jee Blackwell were moved to tears at the
end of their 10 day visit with the
Dubai Church Family!

As God continues to resurrect His Kingdom in Dubai in this “Year of the Impossible,” we praise Him for the 19 baptisms in the first 20 weeks of 2017! Amazingly, after just 8 months, God has grown the original 6 Mission Team Members – along with the 7 restorations and place memberships in the Fall – to become 30 sold-out disciples who are ready to continue multiplying!

The Dubai Church sends their love to all of their
Sister Churches around the world!

Thank you for the thousands of prayers for April as we remain hopeful of our return to Dubai after the GLC! We praise God as well for the incredible hearts of the disciples in the USA who have been so sacrificial in the Spring Missions Contribution as these funds help to support RJ, April & me!

Raja Rajan – Lead Evangelist of Chennai and Overseeing Evangelist of India: Greetings from Chennai! The Lord has been doing amazing things throughout India, a nation of 1.3 billion lost souls! In Delhi, the remnant group led by Jeffrey & Reena Norris has grown from two to six in four months! Jeffrey & Reena are doing a tremendous job holding down the fort until the Delhi Mission Team of 40 disciples from Chennai arrives in April 2018! 

The Delhi Remnant Group awaits the 40 Member
Mission Team from Chennai scheduled
to come in April 2018!

In Bangalore, Christopher & Maria Anthony planted the church with just six on the mission team in December 2016! God has blessed them with nine baptisms since January! The latest are a married couple Venkatesh (from a Hindu background) and Yasmin (from a Muslim background), who studied the Bible, made Jesus the Lord of their lives, and were baptized into Christ! 

Venkatesh (formerly Hindu) & Yasmin (formerly
Muslim) are now united in Christ!

The first church planting from Chennai – the
Bangalore International Christian Church!

In Chennai, Satan hit us with many fall aways at the beginning of the year! However, after this pruning, the Lord has blessed the efforts of the Chennai Church, as this year we have seen 68 additions – 61 baptisms and 7 restorations! We are now at 213 disciples strong!

Ajith (center) is doing his Master’s Degree at the
prestigious Madras Christian College, where
he is the Captain of the Football Team!

Prince (left) threw away his “lucky ring” as he
made Jesus Lord of all of his “luck!”

Lastly, we want to thank the brothers and sisters of the USA Churches for their sacrifices to support the disciples not only in India, but all over the world!

Anthony Rodriguez – Lead Evangelist of Monterrey: “Listen, a noise on the mountains, like that of a great multitude! Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms, like nations massing together! The Lord Almighty is mustering an army for war.” (Isaiah 13:4) Saludos from the “City of Mountains” – Monterrey, Mexico, which literally means “King Mountain!”

Monterrey is located in Northeastern Mexico!
Monterrey has a population of 1.5 million and is
one of the wealthiest cities in all of Mexico!

On April 30th, we held the Inaugural Service for the Monterrey International Christian Church! On this day, the six missionaries and 15 visiting disciples had an attendance of 48! By the grace of God over the weekend, the church was blessed with four restorations and one baptism!

The dynamic Monterrey Church Leaders – Anthony
& Alejandra Rodriguez!

At the Inaugural Service, Anthony introduced the
hard-working Monterrey Mission Team: Fabiola
Calixto, Josias Ramirez, Alejandra Rodriguez,
Anthony Rodriguez, Magda &
Alejandro Carreto!

Also on this Inaugural Weekend, Leonel & Cristina Torres – who once led the Monterrey ICOC – were able to greatly help us bring in the harvest! Leonel preached a powerful lesson at the Saturday Morning Devotional which was focused on the history of the Mainline Church of Christ, the ICOC and the SoldOut Movement! Leonel did a terrific job helping the remnant to understand the Biblical convictions of: 1) Discipling is a command of God (Matthew 28:19-20); 2) Central Leadership is a command of God (Numbers 27:15-18); and 3) The evangelization of all nations in this generation is a command of God. (1 Timothy 2:3-4)

Leonel Torres was reinstated an Evangelist at
the 2017 Latin American Missions
Conference in Mexico City!

Also, his wife Cristina was able to help restore Ana Martinez, who was originally baptized in Cristina’s Bible Talk 16 years ago!

Cristina (left) – with the help of Fabiola (right) –
restored Ana, who was baptized 16 years
ago in Cristina’s Bible Talk!

After the Saturday Devotional, a group of us took a tour of the city and further bonded! During this time, we prayed for every capital city of Mexico’s 32 States including Monterrey which is the capital of the State of Nuevo León! Saturday night ended with all of us sharing in a delicious Mexican dinner!

The Saturday Boat Ride allowed everyone to see
the beautiful city of Monterrey!

Sunday service was amazing as Carlos Mejia, our Overseeing Evangelist, preached the Word with a dynamic lesson that moved all of our hearts! Raul Berlanga, a young professional who had been baptized in the campus ministry in the ICOC, was restored and he was then able to baptize his wife Dana, who previously had been a Jehovah’s Witness missionary!

Raul & Dana are now united in
“life and doctrine!”

Lastly, we are excited to share the restorations of Francys & Rogelio Gonzalez, who have been an incredible support for the entire mission team since we arrived in this great city! Please pray that this summer Monterrey will bring lots of hot news as we continue baptizing and restoring souls to Jesus! And to God be all the glory!

Joe Willis – Lead Evangelist of Sydney: G’day Mates! It has been nothing but a bumper weekend in Sydney as we welcomed Carlos & Lucy Mejia from Mexico City to speak at our Women’s Day and Men’s Day!

So many in the Sydney Church went to the airport
to give Carlos & Lucy Mejia a SoldOut
Movement Welcome!

The Willises and the Mejias have become
the best of friends!

This is the third year of our Women’s Day and the momentum and hard work has really paid off as our 27 sisters had 80 in attendance! There were far more mothers and friends than last year, as the sisters are rapidly growing in their effectiveness in making disciples!

The spectacular 2017 Sydney Women’s Day!

At the Women’s Day there were three very moving testimonies! One was from one of our youngest disciples. She shared openly about her life. Then she publicly apologized to her Mum – who had flown in all the way from Chicago – for all that she put her through! There was an extraordinary Video and an inspiring Special Performance before Lucy preached a powerful message on ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Afterward, the fellowship was so electric – with the incredible food provided by all the sisters – that we literally had to ask the crowd to disperse at the end!

Lucy enthusiastically preached about
you become a disciple!

This great victory was followed up by our Annual Men’s Day, combined with our Chili Cook Off! (Our Men’s Days are attended by the brothers AND the sisters… Basically, it’s church!) With 56 Christians, God had 114 in attendance! Lucy was able to vulnerably share for Communion! Then we were entertained and convicted by Carlos preaching about CRACK POTS and how God loves to use them! Keep us and especially the Hong Kong Seven in your prayers!

Men’s Day in Sydney is attended by the brothers
AND the sisters… Basically it’s church!

Carlos brought the joy of the Mexico City
Church into the energetic
Sydney Church!

Alfredo Anuch – Lead Evangelist of Santiago: Greetings from “the ends of the earth!” God loves South America very much and He has given us a new city and nation: Cochabamba, Bolivia! During the months of April and May, six new souls were added! Now we have eight disciples there and four more Bolivians in Santiago, who will return soon to Cochabamba to evangelize their city and nation! Incidentally, Cochabamba is the gastronomical capital of Bolivia and the location of the number one university of the country – Universidad Mayor de San Simón!

Cochabamba is a city of over two million lost souls!

Ale & Alfredo at the Christ of the Concord
(the tallest in the world) in Cochabamba!

In Santiago, God has given us a great harvest this year! In these first five months, He has added to the church 31 baptisms and 1 restoration! With Frank’s baptism today, we have reached exactly 160 disciples!

Frank – a campus student – was the most recent
of the 31 baptisms in Santiago this year!

We ask for your prayers for the Special Missions Contribution of 12X next week, which will go to financing the churches in Bogotá (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), and in the near future, Cochabamba, Bolivia! To God be all the glory!

Andrew Smellie – Lead Evangelist of Lagos: Greetings from Nigeria! On behalf of the Lagos Church, we wish to send our love and congratulations to the City of Angels Church on celebrating your 10th Anniversary! It was a privilege to be sent out on the Lagos Mission Team from Los Angeles in May of last year, and we look forward to celebrating the First Anniversary of the Lagos Church this June 25th! 

Less than a year ago at the Send Off of the Lagos
Mission Team, Andrew dreamed of baptizing
Nigerian young men like Wilfred!

God has blessed our efforts since our return from being separated from the Lagos Church due to visa challenges for almost three months – from January to March! That said, in the last 10 weeks, God has blessed us with 16 additions: 13 baptisms, as well as 2 place memberships and 1 restoration all from the ICOC! We now have 75 disciples in the Lagos Church!

Faith (center) was baptized by her husband
LordWilson and Chinyere!

The additions have come from every ministry within the church: two teens, including the teenage daughter of our Shepherd-in-Training Couple – the Atkinfenwas; three campus students, including a brother who received the second-highest score in Nigeria for his Pre-University Admissions Test; five marrieds, including a former ministry couple from the ICOC; and finally six singles who range from accountants to IT professionals!

Bolaji & Chinyere Atkinfenwa celebrated baptizing
their teen daughter Abigail!

In addition, after compiling a literal mountain of documentation and enduring many fees, we have FINALLY received our CERPAC Authorization (Combined Expatriate Residence Permit Alien Card)! This enables us to travel to and from Lagos without any hindrance as official American expatriates in Nigeria! 2017 GLC in Manila here we come! Patrique & I are overjoyed to witness our dear sister, Ariel Hazelton, be appointed as the first “home-grown” Women’s Ministry Leader on the African Continent since arriving in Lagos! Like Timothy to Paul, Ariel has shined for the Lord by Patrique’s side in three churches, from NYC to LA and now Lagos!

The ever-growing Marrieds Ministry in Lagos!

Lastly, thank you for helping to build our Nigeria Homecoming List of 28 Nigerian National Disciples: Nchedolisa Anammah – Boston, Samuel Andrews – Boston, Simon Guteng – DC, Karen Guteng – DC, Simon Guteng Jr. – DC, Naomi Guteng – DC, Ruth Guteng – DC, Afan Nyan – DC, Isaiah Okiemen – DC, Ada Anammah – DC, Lota Ebube – DC, Blessing Ndukwe – DC, Collins Madikaegbu – DC, Oluwasanmi Makanjuola – DC, Olajide Olagunju – DC, Aihanuwa Okundaye – LA, Deborah Durodula – LA, Deji Aregbe – London, Gbemisola (Helen) Ademeso – Manila, Fisayomi (Josephine) Abiodun – Manila, Oluwajoba Akinyemi – NYC, Hammad (David) Adebisi – NYC, Hope Gbarayor – NYC, Taiwo Oladele – NYC, Osagie (Kenn) Igbinosa – NYC, Praise Ukpong – Sydney, Emmanuel Ekwensi – Sydney, and Isaiah Famurewa – Toronto! Even if only half of these amazing Nigerian Disciples could return to help save their people, like Iggy Odighizuwa our very fruitful Campus Minister, it would dramatically escalate the speed of the multiplication of disciples in Lagos, and in turn, all Africa! Pray for God to move in the hearts of each one of these incredible disciples!

As Iggy’s Grandfather in the Faith, Kip is very proud
of him as Iggy has set an example for all Nigerian
Disciples to return to Nigeria
to save their people!

Anthony Olmos – Paris Supplemental Mission Team Leader: Cassidy & I are so humbled, inspired and encouraged by the opportunity to serve as the Paris Supplemental Mission Team Leaders! The Holy Spirit has truly “set aside” a dynamic group to go strengthen the work in Paris! The list includes: Isaac Ojo, Kelly Assignon, Jamal Rjoul and Samuel Ajayi from London, as well as Samuel’s amazing girlfriend Nayomie Jarvis from Florida – whose visa was just approved!

Anthony & Cassidy Olmos – the dashing future
Paris Leadership Couple!

Amazingly, God has already been moving powerfully in Paris even before the Supplemental Mission Team arrives! The fighting spirit of our dear sister Prisca Scheidecker lives on in the Paris Church as they have grown by 46% this year from 13 to 19! Also, God has blessed them with zero fall aways! We pray we can “supplement” this great work and honor Philippe & Prisca by more than doubling the church by year’s end!

Mike Patterson – Lead Evangelist of Boston: “So the Word of God continues to increase (numerically) and spread (geographically)!” (Acts 12:24) Though the Celtics did not make it very far into the NBA Playoffs, the Boston Disciples have been slam dunking baptisms every week to the glory of God! Chenelle & I celebrated our Fifth Wedding Anniversary yesterday and this week also marks a year since moving to Boston!

Mike & Chenelle celebrated their first
year in Boston and their Fifth
Wedding Anniversary!

In January of this year, the church had 72 disciples. In March, we began the “March to a 100.” On April 26th, we baptized #99 and #100! As of today, God has increased our number to 103 sold-out disciples! We have seen 39 additions this year – 37 baptisms and 2 restorations!

Bianca asked her mom – Jasmie – for her good
confession on Mother’s Day!

Most excitingly to me has been the raising up of new leaders! Gianni DiFusco – who was restored late last year – has been personally fruitful seven times this year baptizing the entire church band which has enhanced our worship services! Gianni is now our full-time AMS/Campus Intern powerfully leading the AMS House Church alongside his new girlfriend Skyla Eastman! Through pulling together our ICCM Students, our Shepherding Couple-in-Training, and our full-time Campus Interns, an incredible diverse leadership team has been knitted together by God’s Spirit!

Sal DiFusco and his son Gianni have used their
gifts in music to enhance the worship of
the Boston Church with choirs
and a band!

Some of the highlights of the miraculous additions our gracious God has given us has been the rapid expansion geographically! Wendy from the Mainline Church of Christ was restored and her daughter Kat followed as well along with her friend Sarah! They drive over an hour to church every Sunday and now we have an amazing Bible Talk in Manchester, New Hampshire led powerfully by Tyler & Sarah Payne! Prayerfully we will get a head start on Operation Eagle by sending out this region earlier than planned with the growth we are experiencing!

Coming from San Diego, Jermaine Peacock – who
inspired Mike to become a disciple as a teen –
preached at the Men’s Forum and at
the Easter Sunday Service!

Another highlight was the baptism of Nikki who is a professor at Boston University who had been coming around for over a year. As well, Calder who was reached out to by Frank Hines was baptized in March of this year and worked as a Director of the Youth Program at the YMCA!

Calder – who was baptized in March – has
quickly raised up and is helping lead
Boston MERCY alongside
Dr. Cassendra Dorvil!

I have been so proud of our Women’s Ministry built by my fiery and beautiful wife Chenelle! As my wife & I taught the ICCM Session yesterday on JESUS AND PAUL: INITIATORS OF THE TRUE WOMEN’S LIBERATION MOVEMENT, it was evident the church believes in Women’s Ministry as last week’s four baptisms were Women Campus Students: Gabriela a talented singer and recent graduate at Berklee College of Music; Sue and Rodeline of Boston University; and Ore from Northeastern University!

Gabriela – who was baptized last week – recently
sang on stage with Lionel Richie!

We are so excited to see everyone at the GLC! Keep the New England Revolution in your prayers!

Nick Bordieri – Global Director of MERCYWORLDWIDE: Denise & I are so fired up for the Ninth Annual International Day of MERCY on June 17th! Over 5,000 MERCY Ambassadors are expected to serve in 100 projects across the globe this year!  

Every disciple in God’s SoldOut Movement
is a MERCY Ambassador!

Here are a few of these projects: New York City will hold four projects, including repairing homes that were destroyed from the devastating Hurricane Sandy back in 2012! Chicago has adopted an inner city school, repairing the building, cleaning and organizing the school, as well as painting murals! Los Angeles will conduct at least 10 projects, including continuing the MERCY Manna Food Program for families and individuals in need of food. In Hilo, food and clothing drives, entertainment and fun games for young and old alike are only a few of the many activities at the Fifth Annual MERCY Day Fair attended by an ever-growing number of people and organizations on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Nick & Denise Bordieri – the World Sector Leaders
for MERCYWORLDWIDE – were among “The 42”
that planted the City of Angels Church!

One of the highlights will be this year’s project in Manila! The disciples will distribute food to over 100 children who live in and around Welfareville, a very poor area of Manila! Ex-professional PBA basketball players and NBA D-League players will also play in an exhibition game and then hold a basketball clinic for the children! Click on the link to view the teaser video: This project will set the stage for the GLC MERCY Event in August! Please remember to pray and fast for the poor on Friday, June 16th!

2017 Global Leadership Conference
Kyle Bartholomew – Lead Evangelist of Manila: The Metro Manila International Christian Church would like to invite everyone to the 2017 Global Leadership Conference (GLC)! This is the first time that the GLC will be celebrated outside the United States signifying that the SoldOut Movement is truly a worldwide family! This historic event will be held on August 3-6, 2017 at the Makati Shangri La Hotel in the heart of Metro Manila, Philippines! We are centering all the lessons on the Book of Revelation! The inspirational theme for the 2017 GLC is VICTORIOUS from Revelation 15:2-4, “Those who had been VICTORIOUS over the beast… held harps given them by God and sang the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb: ‘Great and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty… All nations will come and worship before you!'”

VICTORIOUS is the stirring theme for the historic
2017 GLC in the Philippines!

During this epic occasion, Saturday, August 5th will be devoted for every MERCY Ambassador to serve in Welfareville – one of our poorer communities a short distance from Makati! On Sunday Lord willing, highlights will include the Fifth Commencement of the International College of Christian Ministries and the Spirit sending out three Mission Teams: Miami/Ft. Lauderdale (Florida), Cebu (Philippines), and Hong Kong (China) – the Twelfth (and last) Crown of Thorns City!

Pray for the boldness of the
Hong Kong Seven!

The cost for registration will be $225 for those outside the Philippines and $40 for Filipino Disciples. Our Prayer Goals are for 250 Filipino Disciples and 600 International Disciples to participate in the 2017 GLC as this will allow us to financially break-even! Presently, there are 324 registered from outside of the Philippines! To register go to

Makati City is in the very heart
of Metro Manila!

We are encouraging every Church Leader Couple, every Shepherding Couple and every LA Region Leader Couple to stay at the Shangri La Hotel as we have agreed in our contract to have at least 400 room nights. The cost of a room (which includes an incredible breakfast) is $111/night plus tax. There are many considerably less expensive hotels in the area that others may select online. If you choose to do so, strive to find an option that is in or close to Makati as the traffic in Metro Manila is considered by some to be the worst in the world! To register at the Makati Shangri La Hotel go to

Ron, Jared, Krystal and Caleb are ready for
the 2017 GLC – VICTORIOUS!

Please be making your plans to participate in the 2017 GLC as this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion!
McKeans’ Missionary Journey
On the first leg of our Missionary Journey, Elena & I flew to visit the New York City Church on the last weekend in April! Luke & Brandyn Speckman are doing a terrific job building this congregation! Presently there are 171 fired up disciples in four regions: Brooklyn – led by Aaron & Sharmayne Viscichini, Bronx – led by Victor & Marlyn Montano, Queens – led by Jay & Barb Shelbrack, and Manhattan – led by the Speckmans and assisted by Jonathan & Kiana Davis! Lord willing, on July 1st, Dave & Jill Swann will be moving from LA to lead the new Newark (New Jersey) Region!

Aaron & Sharmayne Viscichini initiated the Columbia
Campus Ministry and are now leading the new
Brooklyn Region! They will be appointed
Evangelist and Women’s Ministry
Leader before “her people”
in Manila!

Victor & Marlyn Montano lead the
very fruitful Bronx Region!

Sunday was a spectacular Worship Service! Three of the four regions met on campus at the beautiful Ivy League School – Columbia University – for free! In the 2017 Edition of the US News World Rankings, Columbia is number nine! Interestingly, Harvard and MIT in Boston are numbers one and two; Stanford and UC Berkeley in San Francisco are numbers three and four; Oxford University outside of London is number six; and UCLA in Los Angeles is number 10! Excitingly, God’s SoldOut Movement has disciples on all of these campuses!

Luke & Brandyn Speckman gave a rousing
Welcome to open the Sunday Service
at Columbia University!

Jonathan Davis prayed fervently for all the
churches in God’s Movement!

Brandyn – as one of the Sisters of Encouragement –
warmly welcomed Scott & Ana Kendrick
formerly of LA to the New
York City Family!

Kiana Davis was one of three disciples asked to
share about the April Good News Email!

For Communion, Elena shared Luke 22:31-32, “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail.” Then Elena shared very vulnerably about three times that Satan has sifted her as wheat! The first was when she was a non-Christian in high school and seemingly had everything: Straight A’s, Student Body Treasurer, Homecoming Queen, and Captain of both the Tennis Team and the Cheerleading Squad! Yet she was so unfulfilled that one day driving home from tennis practice, she prayed in tears, “Lord, let me find you or take my life!” Then Elena shared about her baptism on August 8, 1973! The second time that she shared that she was sifted, was in 2003 when we were unjustly fired after serving in the ministry for 27 years. After her eyes welled up with a few tears, she recounted our early days in Portland as God blessed us just a few months later!

Elena is a Proverbs 31 wife as “she is clothed
with strength and dignity; she can laugh
at the days to come!”

The last incident that Elena remembered being sifted was when she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2014. She expressed that she had no fear of death, but simply prayed to God to allow her to see the world evangelized and all of her extended family saved! After radical fasting through juicing, God heard her prayers and completely healed her!

During Kip’s lesson, he shared about the glorious
victories for the Lord in Dubai, Lagos
and Los Angeles!

Encouragingly, that same Sunday, Ali – a Columbia Student – was baptized into Christ, giving us six students at this prestigious university!

Ali (right) joyfully gives her good
confession, “Jesus is Lord!”

The six sold-out disciples of the Columbia
University Campus Ministry: Tony,
Regine, Ali, Akua, Bonnie
and Nick!

Then Elena flew to Dallas to take care of two of our granddaughters and I flew on to Moscow for the Eurasian Missions Conference (EAMC), whose stirring theme was ALL NATIONS!

Elena joyfully played with her two Dallas
Granddaughters – Scarlett (below)
and Savannah!

Kip received a multilingual SoldOut Movement
Welcome as the disciples sang to him in both
Russian and English, We Love You
With The Love Of The Lord!

On Tuesday evening, I was blessed to have dinner with the entire Sirotkin Family: Oleg, Elena, Sophia and Lydia! Since both Oleg’s & Elena’s teenage daughters are disciples, we had an incredible time talking about the Teen Ministry and God’s worldwide Movement!

Kip’s beloved spiritual granddaughters –
Sophia and Lydia Sirotkina!

During the days before the conference, I was able to meet with such dear friends as: Jenia & Julia Sobolev of Moscow, Michael & Michele Williamson of London, and Cory Blackwell of Chicago!

When the London Delegation arrived in Moscow,
they preserved that historic moment
with a selfie!

Thursday night, May 4th, was the Speakers Dinner! We enjoyed a delicious meal composed of Russian, Ukrainian and Italian food! Formerly of Stockholm, Argo Arneson of Kiev elevated our vision by speaking on MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS! In particular, he called on all the churches to double their membership in 2017 as his plan is to double in Kiev!

At the Speakers Dinner, Argo challenged all the
Church Leaders to double their
ministry in 2017!

On Friday morning was the Leadership Workshop! We sang praising God in both Russian and English… and I thought we sounded great in both languages! I WILL MAKE YOU INTO A GREAT NATION was the kick-off speech dynamically delivered by Cory!

The EAMC Leadership Workshop began
with incredible singing!

Cory Blackwell of Chicago lifted our eyes to view
an all-powerful, Sovereign God!

The St. Petersburg Remnant Group is led by
Timur & Vika Butakov (left)!

Then came the touching Kingdom Appointment of Kaspar & Ashley Tambaur who are now leading the Stockholm Church!

The appointment of Kaspar & Ashley Tambaur
by Argo & Anu moved many to tears!

For the second half of the workshop, we heard short charges on Bible Talk Preparations! Michael & Michele Williamson oversaw this part of the program. Speaking were not only the Williamsons, but Anu Arneson of Kiev, and Masha Bizmova, Sasha Aksutko, Jenia Sobolev and Tanya Serafonova – all from Moscow!

Michael & Michele oversaw the Bible
Talk Preparation Session!

Though Jenia (right) translated for most of the
men, here Oleg translated for him!

Friday evening was the First General Session! The Moscow Brothers and Sisters prepared an awesome Opening Video!

Oleg & Elena welcomed everyone to the Second
Eurasian Missions Conference!

That evening I addressed the family on the theme WHY DO THE NATIONS RAGE?

Before Kip preached, the Butakovs and Sophia
Sirotkina electrified the crowd when they
sang, Wind Of Change by
the Scorpions!

Kip’s and Oleg’s closeness as brothers was
reflected in Kip’s preaching and
Oleg’s translation!

Since Geographic Missions Conferences – like
the EAMC – are smaller in size than the GLC,
intimate moments such as celebrating
Rebecca Rico’s birthday enhance
a family feeling!

Saturday was MERCY Morning! The very capable leader of the Moscow MERCY efforts is Lena Kapskaya!

Slava Kapskiy introduced his lovely wife Lena
as the Moscow MERCY Director!

MERCY Morning was a blast!

Tanya Serafonova was so moved as the entire
EAMC celebrated her birthday!

The speech that morning – THE BLOOD OF CHRIST PURCHASED PEOPLE FROM EVERY NATION – was powerfully delivered by Jay Shelbrack of New York City! He shared in his opening remarks that his first time in Moscow was in 1980 – 11 years before communism was toppled in the Soviet Union! He shared at that time that it was against the law for Russians to “talk with him outside of business dealings!”

Dr. Sergiy Pometun of the Kiev Mission
Team translated Jay Shelbrack’s
very convicting sermon!

The Arnesons and the Tambaurs appointed Erik &
Michelle Af Klint to be the Stockholm
Shepherding Couple!

To close out the morning, there were Men’s and Women’s Programs simply entitled DECLARE HIS GLORY AMONG THE NATIONS! In the Men’s Program, short charges on the spiritual battle in Ephesians 6:10-18 were given by Dima Serafonov of Moscow, Kaspar Tambaur, Anthony Olmos soon to be of Paris, Kolbe Gray of London, Sergey Lamekin of the fifth largest Russian city Nizhny Novgorod, Slava Kapskiy of Moscow and Argo!

Dima – who was appointed an Evangelist at the
First EAMC – preached on OUR ENEMY!

Anthony Olmos was given the noble

Kolbe Gray – who will be appointed an Evangelist
at the GLC – inspired all with the lesson, FEET

Sergey Lamekin – the Nizhny Novgorod Remnant
Group Leader – used humor quite effectively
to teach about THE HELMET

The speakers for the Women’s Program included Elena Sirotkina, Barb Shelbrack, Rebecca Rico of London, Cassidy Olmos, Michele Williamson, Lena Lamekina, Ashley Tambaur and Vaitsa Haratsaris of São Paulo, Brazil!

Barb Shelbrack warned the sisters
about Satan as OUR ENEMY!

Cassidy Olmos shared that THE BREASTPLATE OF
RIGHTEOUSNESS protects the heart, which
is the wellspring of life!

Lena Lamekina and her husband both shared the

The dynamic Women Speakers challenged all sisters
everywhere, “You will be next” in leadership!

On Saturday afternoon, many of the first-time visitors to Russia were treated to a Bus Tour of Moscow!

Not only did Vaitsa Haratsaris of São Paulo teach
at the EAMC – entitled ALL NATIONS – but
she added so much to the conference
by representing another continent!

One of the highlights of the Bus Tour was gathering
at the very place – in front of the Kremlin and St.
Basil’s Catherdral – where the 1991 Moscow
Mission Team first prayed for boldness…
and after a year, 850 were baptized!

Saturday night was the Kingdom Banquet! The room was gorgeously decorated by the Moscow Sisters and the energy in the room was off the charts!

The Williamsons and the Sirotkins welcomed
all to the Kingdom Banquet!

Kip has always had a very special place in his
heart for Yelena Vdokhovennaya and
her daughter Janet!

Vaitsa, Sasha, Rebecca, Masha and Anya
were all on fire for God!

The Sobolev Family – Sasha, Jenia, Julia and Anya –
just received their visa last Friday and will be
moving to Los Angeles in July!

The Kingdom Banquet was indeed a
taste of Heaven!

The Teen Ministry Table!

As is the custom for all SoldOut Movement Mission
Teams, a cake is made and the Church Leaders –
in this case Argo & Anu – get to cut
and eat the first slice!

Though it had been a long day, Michael Williamson held everyone’s attention with his enthralling speech GOD WILL SHAKE THE NATIONS!

Michael Williamson shook us up with his speech

After a brief intermission, the Kingdom Banquet
closed out with the Pure Dance!

On Sunday’s festivities began with a beautiful Cultural Dance Performance and later a Chinese Martial Arts Dance in honor of the Hong Kong Team being sent out this year!

Everyone’s spirits were lifted by the colorful
and creative Dance Performances!

One of the Dance Performances was done in honor
of the Hong Kong Mission Team to be sent
out in August at the GLC!

Kip was elated to receive a beautiful Moscow t-shirt
and cap as a “thank you” from the
Moscow Church!

Other highlights included Oleg’s stirring message PROCLAMATION TO ALL NATIONS and the Kiev Mission Team Send Off! 

Oleg passionately preached that by faith we can go
all around the world in this generation!

For the last half of the Sunday Service of the
EAMC, the Kiev Mission Team led all the
singing in their custom made t-shirts!

Walter has become a tremendous song leader
and a terrific friend to Argo!

Julia is Anu’s right hand in leading the powerful
sisters of the Kiev Church!

The zealots of the Kiev Mission Team!

Cory Blackwell and Erik Af Klint prayed over
the Kiev Mission Team!
Following the Send Off, we were introduced to the four young men to be baptized that day!

The EAMC’s theme of ALL NATIONS was never
more evident than during the baptisms as
Tempa is from South Africa, Theo from
the Congo, Sasha from Ukraine,
and Vlad from Russia!

Alexey & Irina Vorozchenko were so fired up to
baptize their one and only son – Vlad!

One of the baptisms – Sasha – was a young college student that traveled 20 hours on a train from Kiev to be baptized at the EAMC!

Our new brother Sasha rejoiced in his salvation!

As Sasha held up Dima and Sasha, who studied
with him at Kiev Polytechnic Institute, he
sung the song, “He Ain’t Heavy,
He’s My Brother!”

On Monday, May 8th, on my way to the airport, it started snowing in Moscow! What a difference in weather after three flights and just 23 hours later when I was greeted in the sweltering heat at the airport by the zealous Manila Disciples!

Having come from snowy Moscow, Kip very much
appreciated the warm SoldOut Movement
Welcome given by the Manila Disciples!

During my six days in Manila, I focused on all the final preparations for the 2017 GLC! I visited the Shangri La Hotel to go room to room to make sure that our scheduled events would fit into the designated rooms! To organize the MERCY Event, I also met with Kyle, Hendry Mora and AJ Castillo – who works directly with President Duterte as a Project Development Officer!

Kyle Bartholomew, Hendry Mora, AJ Castillo and
Kip spent several hours planning the

One day was spent at the three schools that will be the sites of our MERCY Event on Saturday, August 5th! The three schools are located in the rather poor Mandaluyong City. Our focus will be in a neighborhood called Welfareville.

AJ and Hendry in the heart of Welfareville!

The three schools that we will be serving are the Addition Hills School, Jose Fabella Memorial School and the Andres Bonifacio Integrated School.

AJ, Hendry and Kip had a very productive
meeting with Edita Septimo (center) –
the Principal of Addition Hills
Integrated School!

Vivian Arlante and John Malnegro accompanied
AJ, Hendry and Kip to each of
the three schools!

At the Jose Fabella Memorial School which reaches
out to special needs children, AJ, Hendry and
Kip had a fabulous time with both the
Principal, Olivia Pagurayon (yellow
blouse), and her Assistant –
Miralyn Pandann!

For the MERCY Events, the GLC Delegates will be divided into three groups and each group will serve one of the three schools! At each of these MERCY Events, there will be Dancing and Singing Presentations, Martial Arts Demonstrations and a short Motivational Speech! In addition, MERCY will provide not only a free lunch but also food for the children to take home to their families! As well, doctors and dentists will examine each of the children during the MERCY Event!

Though the Andres Bonifacio Integrated School
(ABIS) is lovely to behold, 2,500 squatter
children attend in the mornings and
another 2,500 attend school
in the afternoon!

The Principal of ABIS – Henry Sabidong – was
very appreciative that MERCY had chosen
his school for the special August
5th Event!

Another day was spent with Kyle traveling three hours out of Metro Manila to San Juan, Batangas! The Acuaverde Hotel will be the site of the World Sector Leader Retreat before the GLC! Incidentally, the 2017 IGNITE Program will be held just a mile or so away at a more rustic location – the Virgin Beach Hotel!

The breath-taking view of the ocean from
the Virgin Beach Hotel where IGNITE
2017 will be held!

The Virgin Beach Hotel bungalows that the
IGNITE Teens will enjoy!

Saturday, Kyle and I spent six hours editing his doctoral dissertation! Extraordinarily, Kyle will receive the ICCM Doctorate of Ministry Degree at the ICCM Commencement at the GLC in front of his beloved congregation!

Kip and Kyle edited Kyle’s 120 page doctoral
dissertation literally word by word!

Thrillingly, two days before I arrived in Manila, Kyle’s & Joan’s oldest son Brett was baptized into Christ! So Saturday night I wanted to celebrate with him and he chose to go to Buffalo Wild Wings!

Kyle & Joan Bartholomew joyfully baptized
their oldest son Brett on May 7th!

The Bartholomew Family – Connor, Joan,
Brett, Bree and Kyle!

“Grandpa Kip” celebrated Brett’s baptism
at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Sunday I was blessed to be with the great Metro Manila ICC for Mother’s Day! That special day, God added to the Manila Church two baptismsGem and Tenten and three restorations: Rachel, Jenny and Liz! Of special note, Liz’s husband Oliver Lapeña was restored a few months ago and her son Miggy was baptized around that same time! Oliver & Liz were full-time in the ICOC for eight years and led a group that grew to 300 disciples!

The restoration of Liz Lapeña brought
her son Miggy to tears!

Each member of the Lapeña Family
has a servant’s heart!

Following the restorations, all the children in Kid’s Kingdom were brought to the front of the congregation and then presented their moms with chocolate roses!

On Mother’s Day, the children of Kid’s Kingdom
passed out chocolate roses to their moms!

I spoke to a packed house with many visitors!

Less than two years old, the Manila ICC has over
300 in attendance every Sunday!

In Kip’s lesson, he challenged all of the new
converts and the remnant to have the same
sold-out commitment that the 11 member
Manila Mission Team had
when they arrived!

For lunch, I was able to meet with the Cebu Mission Team led by John & Anna Malnegro! Their two oldest daughters are baptized disciples and though they are leaving all of their friends, they are so enthusiastic about moving to Cebu and planting the Cebu International Christian Church! Amazingly, our sister AJ has secured the nicest hotel in Cebu for free for the Inaugural Service on September 10th!

Kip gives a “thumbs up” to the
gallant Cebu Mission Team!

Sunday evening was my wrap up time with my dear brother Kyle!

The following day I left to meet Elena in Honolulu! There we had a three day respite from our travels as I spent time proof reading Raul Moreno’s doctoral dissertation! We also had a very productive meeting on Friday with Mark Garrido who leads Honolulu and the Sloans who lead Hilo! (Keri was away visiting her family.) I am very proud of Mark & Keri as they have revived both the Honolulu and Hilo Churches and planted the Kona Church in their first year in Hawaii!

The McKeans met with Mark Garrido and Dennis
& Corinna Sloan to discuss future plans for
the Hawaiian Islands and for Guam!

While in Hawaii, Kip & Elena met with
their beloved nephew Nick!

Of special note were the Hawaiian Women’s Days all with the theme from Elena’s book, ELEVATE! Amazingly, the nine women disciples in Kona had 32 in attendance; the 21 sisters in Hilo had 51 in attendance; and the 30 women disciples in Honolulu had 76 in attendance with two baptisms and one restoration!

The dynamic Speakers for the Kona Women’s
Day: Carina Kelly, Cheryll Radovich, Beth
Kelly, Cora Kelly and Phoebe Radovich!

Elena & I returned home to Los Angeles on Saturday night, May 20th so that we could worship with the fired up West Region that Sunday! Just a week later, Elena & I were blessed with a lifetime’s worth of memories as we participated in the 10th Anniversary Celebration Weekend!

Boston: Congratulations to Andre Carreo & Mara Eagen on their engagement on May 6th!

Congratulations to Andre & Mara
on their engagement!

Congratulations to Joe & Amelia Mack who were united in Christ in marriage on May 24th! They lead the powerful Central House Church in Boston!

Congratulations to the Macks… especially Joe
as he caught the bouquet!

Houston: It’s so inspiring to see young disciples grow and mature! Back in 2009, soon after the Smellies planted the Washington DC Church, the first brother baptized thus initiating the campus ministry was Kofi Adease! He has since grown up in the Lord, married an awesome sister, Jasmin, and on May 11th, they welcomed their first baby, Kaleigh Louise Adease at 7lbs. 8oz. and 20 inches!

Congratulations Kofi & Jasmin on the
birth of little Kaleigh Louise!

Hilo: On May 25th, Trevor & Maile Paschall gave birth to their son Tiberius 9lbs. 3oz. and 21.5 inches long!

Tiberius, welcome to God’s worldwide Family!

Phoenix: Greetings from the Valley of the “Son!” We are very excited to announce the engagement of Stephon Mcgehee & Jayleen Keith-Enriquez! Over 2 ½ years ago, Stephon and Jayleen studied the Bible as a couple. However, at that time for many reasons, they decided to stop studying. This March though, both of them felt the Spirit’s urging to come back, finish studying the Bible, and get right with God! They radically repented; Stephon moved out after they had been living together for three years; and shortly after, they both were baptized into Christ! They started dating purely in God’s Kingdom and just this past month were engaged to be married June 11th! It is amazing to see God healing families and bringing them together in Christ! “[Jesus Christ] is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17) To God be the glory!

Stephon & Jayleen have set a terrific example
in their radical conversions!

Seattle: In the last month, we have welcomed two new additions into the Seattle Family! Born to David & Margarita Jackson is the beautiful Kira Ana Jackson! The Lord also blessed Joel & Courtney Parlour with a gorgeous daughter – Adalyn Grace Elizabeth Parlour!

Congratulations to the Jackson Family
on the birth of Kira!

Congratulations to Joel, Courtney and Brinton
on the birth of baby Adalyn Grace Elizabeth!

Abidjan: Franck Pokou – the dynamic son of our precious sister Elisabeth – has been baptized! Franck is a law school student!

Congratulations to Elizabeth and to our
new brother Franck!

New York City: On April 4th, Jesse Robles, a hero to the New York City Church, passed away in his sleep due to asthma. Jay Shelbrack brought him along from Chicago in December of 2015, because Jesse was so very eager to be trained in the ministry! The week that Jesse went to glory, he was involved in 10 ongoing studies! Jesse’s two uncles – who are Pentecostal Ministers – shared how Jesse personally challenged them and how his life convicted them as he was doing what they were not. Though Jesse was only 22 years old, he had a huge impact on the New York City Church and he will be dearly missed!

Having secured the crown that would last forever,
Jesse exchanged his violin for a “harp given
to [him] by God!”
(Revelation 15:2)

The Memorial Day wedding of Umberto Muniz & Sausha Cutler was an incredible celebration! They began dating in Chicago and came on the Queens Supplemental Mission Team in December of 2015! The New York City Leadership has a great vision for them as Umberto served as a full-time paid Intern in Chicago, while Sausha was an unpaid Intern! Sausha graduated with a Doctorate in Law and Umberto is finishing his degree in Accounting!

Congratulations to the Cutlers!

It was a blast celebrating the union of Saul & Chanelle Saavedra in Brooklyn! This was a multicultural, Mexican-Caribbean style wedding as Saul’s family is from Mexico and Chanelle’s family is from Jamaica! Saul was dashing in his traditional, Mexican suit and the bride was stunning in her flowing, white gown! We are so happy to see these two wonderful disciples together in God’s Kingdom!

Congratulations to Saul & Chanelle!

Our dear sister Tracy Shelbrack is now engaged! On Tuesday, May 23rd, Shane Russell got down on one knee to ask his girlfriend the “big question!” The entire New York City Church is so fired up for our newest engaged couple

Congratulations to Shane & Tracy!

Moscow: In this, the “Year of the Impossible,” countless prayers were answered as Natalia – the mother of our dear sisters Sasha and Anya Korotova – was baptized into Christ on Sunday!

In the Year of the Impossible, Sasha and Anya
baptized their mother – Natalia!

Tim Kernan – Lead Evangelist of the City of Angels Church: Greetings from beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, California! “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen!” (Ephesians 3:20-21) Excitingly, this weekend we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the City of Angels International Christian Church (CAICC)! God has truly done more than we could have asked for or imagined!

Tim & Lianne Kernan – the valiant City of Angels
Church Leaders and the Tribe World
Sector Leaders!

In these short 10 years, the City of Angels Church has zealously planted 24 thriving congregations in: Honolulu, New York City, Portland, Santiago, San Diego, London, São Paulo, Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Mexico City, Paris, Port-au-Prince, Dallas Ft. Worth, Toronto, Chennai, Sydney, Moscow, Manila, Stockholm, Seattle, Lagos and Dubai! After so many leaders and so much treasure being sent out, one would think that the congregation would be exhausted, yet the spirit of this weekend showed that the CAICC is just getting up to speed! To quote Winston Churchill, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Special t-shirts were made to celebrate the
CAICC 10th Anniversary!

On Friday night, the LA Staff and the visiting Western USA Church Leaders gathered to honor “The 42” who planted the City of Angels Church on May 6, 2007, as well as to celebrate all that God has done in these historic 10 years! To make this time extra special, not only did we dress in our “Sunday Best,” but we each paid $40 to go on a beautiful evening Dinner Cruise in Marina del Rey!

Jason & Sarah Dimitry of San Francisco led the
way boarding the cruise ship!

As we pulled out of Fisherman’s Wharf, my lovely wife Lianne & I gave a warm Welcome to the 175 on board! Then Nick Bordieri and Tony Untalan – our CAICC Congregational Shepherds – poured out their hearts in prayer!

As the 175 walked into the dining area of the
ship, they found custom made name cards
at their assigned tables!

Tim & Lianne kicked off the party
with Ephesians 3:20-21!

Tony Untalan and Nick Bordieri gave thanks
to God for our dinner!

Philippe Scheidecker came all the way
from Paris to celebrate!

After a beautiful sunset and a delicious chicken dinner, we gave commemorative plaques to “The 42” who were able to be present that evening! We also honored the very first baptism of the City of Angels Church – Jared McGee, who married one of “The 42,” Rachel (Bond) McGee! Then our gracious guests of honor who were the leaders of “The 42” – Kip & Elena – shared from their hearts what these last 10 years have meant to them!

Lance & Connie Underhill – now Shepherds of the
South Region – were among “The 42” from
Portland that planted the CAICC!

Following, we had entertainment by Mike Underhill, Mason Fetelika, the Quartet of Lujack, Garrett, Joshua and Michael, and last was Jael Cook singing one of her original songs, Muse!

The entertainment was sensational!

Then to close the evening, all of us gathered on the top deck as Lujack Martinez led us in Go And Make Disciples! I am quite sure that our singing was heard throughout the Westside of LA!

Closing out the night, the 175 gathered on the top
deck and sang as loud as they could,
Go And Make Disciples!

The Sunday Worship Service was electric, as we celebrated this momentous 10th Anniversary at the Recreation Park in Long Beach, California!

The CAICC Brothers and Sisters gathered at
Recreation Park in Long Beach for the
historic 10th Anniversary Service!

Until his sabbatical last October, John Causey was
the most influential Evangelist in the ICOC.
Excitingly, John & Emma joined the new
Movement in early April! John
was honored to lead the
Opening Prayer!

At this amazing service, two Shepherding Couples were appointed – the James’ and the Economos!

Mike & Brittany Underhill appointed Damon & Vicki
James as the Shepherding Couple
for the Central Region!

Caleb & Liz appointed Nick & Jacque Economo
(center) as the Shepherding Couple
for the South Region!

Michael Kirchner shared with gratitude for God and
for the CAICC about the incredible financial
sacrifices through the years!

At this amazing service, the McKeans shared Good News From Around The World focusing on the tremendous growth of our International Sister Churches! To conclude Kip shared, “God has multiplied ‘The 42’ in just 10 years into over 5,000 disciples, in 76 churches, in 31 nations, on all 6 populated continents of the world! Rest assured, this is not a movement of men, but it is the very Movement of God!”

Kip & Elena alternated as they shared the
Good News from each of the six
populated continents!

Everyone was so moved as our dear brother and sister, RD & April Baker (who is still in a wheelchair), shared for Communion! Then, Jason & Sarah Dimitry, our powerful San Francisco Church Leaders, gave a passionate plea for Contribution!

Heroes of the Faith, RD & April Baker shared
for Communion about her heart literally
stopping and the great work in Dubai!

During the passing of the plates for Contribution,
Heather Harvin and Ciera Marcano
sang, When You Believe!

Then after singing, Men Who Dreamed because we are, I was very honored and privileged to address the congregation with the lesson titled, DOOMED TO VICTORY!

Tim preached one of his best sermons to

To close out this powerful service, we saw five precious souls added to God’s Kingdom by baptism: Kiwana (AMS), Brian (OC), Helcy (East), Macey (East), and David (AV)!

Brian was one of five baptized at the
Anniversary Service!

Then through prayer, we sent out Evan & Kelly Bartholomew, along with their valiant Supplemental Mission Team to Toronto, Canada! We are so excited to see what God will do through them, not only in Toronto, but throughout all of Canada!

With hockey sticks in hand, the Toronto
Supplemental Mission Team is more
than ready to leave for Canada!

After the prayer to send out the Toronto Mission
Team, Kip was presented with a cake that was
topped with an upside down globe for
his 63rd Birthday!

Lujack Martinez closed this historic service with the
song Glory, that tells the story of the 1989 LA
planting, its destruction, the gathering of
remnant, and the glorious planting of
the City of Angels Church in 2007!

The spirit of the City of Angels International Christian Church is reverent, zealous, giving, sacrificial, loving and committed to evangelizing the world now more than ever! Please pray for us as we pray for you!

Books And Parchments
In late 66AD during the waning months of Paul’s life, he wrote from prison in Rome to his beloved Timothy in Ephesus, “Do your best to come to me soon… Luke alone is with me… When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments.” (2 Timothy 4:9-13 ESV) It is so exciting when you “see” your church in the Bible! So as in God’s first century Movement, so it is in ours: God’s people want to write and have an impact far beyond what their preaching voice can reach. For Paul, his voice goes beyond his death in early 67AD, and in fact, echoes to this very day! Though there are no longer any Apostles who write inspired Scriptures, as only Jesus can appoint an Apostle, we are blessed that the Holy Spirit is moving the hearts of our brothers and sisters to write the messages that God is teaching them!

Paul asked Timothy to bring his books so he could
study and his parchments so he could write!

Last year, SoldOut Movement Press published as their first book Elena’s ICCM doctoral dissertation entitled, ELEVATE – Jesus’ Global Revolution For Women. Inspirationally, it was published in both English and Spanish! Encouragingly, the French version is being worked on as you read this Good News Email!

Since Elena’s message about Jesus’ revolutionary
treatment of women is in a book, this message
has literally gone around the world!

Excitingly, four other pillars of faith have written books over the past several months! It was my privilege during my last month-long Missionary Journey to edit all four of these stellar “books and parchments!” Tim Kernan’s book entitled, 20/20 – Twenty Biblical Leadership Convictions For The Whole Church In Twenty Days is without question the finest book on practical ministry that I have ever read! Lord willing, it will go to press in late June. I plan to recommend to all the SoldOut Movement Church Leaders around the world to purchase a copy for all of their Bible Talk Leaders – both men and women!

The cover of 20/20 says it all – clear eyed and
visionary leaders see God’s hand
in every storm!

The next book that I edited was by my dear brother Joe Willis. I probably would have entitled his book, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Finances… And A Little More! However, Joe chose to title it from Ecclesiastes 10:19, Money Is The Answer For Everything! In his 21 chapters, Joe brilliantly covers everything from motivations to generosity, as well as career choices, buying a house, paying taxes and even retirement and inheritances! As in his creative title, this book covers Everything!

Joe Willis has had a whole world of experiences
as a non-paid disciple and as a
full-time paid Evangelist!

After this read, I tackled Kyle Bartholomew’s labor of love dissertation simply entitled, Zechariah – The Voice That Inspired A Nation. This classic commentary is not written from an ivory tower, but from the crucible of day to day ministry among the “remnant” of our day! It is still amazing to me that after the old prophet Haggai died, the young Zechariah preached the Word of God, rallying a beaten down remnant to build a Temple of charred stone. Though the second Temple paled in physical beauty to Solomon’s Temple, which was “baptized in gold,” God said “The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house.” (Haggai 2:9) Kyle explains in depth that this was accomplished by the Lord Almighty, “Not by might, nor by power, but by [His] Spirit!” (Zechariah 4:6) This is a must read for every serious student of the Bible!

Zechariah was painted by Michelangelo on the
Sistine Chapel Ceiling (above), and referenced
by Jesus in Matthew 23 as the last martyr
in the Old Testament!

Lastly, I was sobered and elated in reading Raul Moreno’s doctoral dissertation, The Battle Even Kings Lost! In this profound “parchment,” Raul addressed from the Scriptures all the various forms of sexual sin that have polluted our minds, our hearts, our bodies and even our churches! He not only provided practical challenges, but he shared very vulnerably from his life – both his defeats and his victories through God’s power! No matter where you are at in your “battle” for purity, this spectacular book will call you higher! Just a note: Lord willing, Raul’s, Kyle’s and Joe’s books will be printed by the 2018 Winter Workshop in LA… or sooner!

As Raul wrote about in his book, though David was
victorious over Goliath, King David lost
his battle with lust!

Not wanting to be unproductive during his time in prison, the Apostle Paul asked Timothy to bring his “books and parchments.” Paul had a passion to read and to reread his “books,” as well as a zeal for his “parchments” to write messages to the churches and the lost. I pray that in God’s New Movement, we will have the same passion to read spiritual books, as well as a similar zeal to write books with the messages that God puts on our hearts that will be delivered to the churches and “to the ends of the earth!” (Acts 1:8) See you this August in Manila and maybe… just maybe Tim will sign his book for you! And to God be all the glory!
We are family… to do the impossible,

Copyright © 2017 City Of Angels International Christian Church, All rights reserved.
For more information, please visit the City of Angels International Christian Church website at
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